Naso-labial Folds (smile lines)

Smile lines are an inevitable part of the aging process. The dynamic wrinkles around the nose and mouth are caused by years of repetitive facial expressions. While it’s normal for both men and women to get these lines, many patients are bothered by them. If you find that your smile lines make you appear older on the outside than you feel on the inside, you’re in luck!

While most injectors use the needle to inject filer solely into the dermal crease the defect remains subcutaneously. Dr. Dan Francis uses a microcannula to inject just beneath the dermal skin which usually results in full correction without using a needle. If after injecting with the microcannula just underneathh the crease does not provide full correction only then is a needle used to refine the injection.

South Jersey Aesthetics prefers to use Hyaluronic acid injectables (HA) which are quick, easy, and virtually pain-free (most are even lidocaine-enhanced) in most areas. Patients can get almost instant results with little to no downtime. HA is a naturally-occurring substance found within the body making it safe and effective for all skin types and tones. HA fillers are also very versatile in that they can be dissolved with a simple subsequent injection. This is a relief to patients who may be reluctant to try dermal fillers for the first time. so there is no worry.

HA-based dermal fillers can be done alone or combined with other fillers throughout the face to maximize results. Each formula has unique properties that allow us to treat everything from vertical lip lines to deep lines around the mouth.

Lip Restoration Augmentation Before & After

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Actual patient: two syringes of VERSA before and immediately after smile and marionette line injection.

*Individual results may vary

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Dr. Daniel and his team are the best. Patient, kind, puts you at ease , explains every process and procedure and just makes you feel calm and beautiful. Dr. Dan just enhances what you already have so you can feel more confident looking your best!

- Natalie, Actual Patient


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