Microcannula Technique

Forget Everything You Know About Fillers:

The Microcannula technique has revolutionized the cosmetic industry and provided physicians with a new, innovative method of performing facial fillers injections.

The use of this device allows Dr. Francis to inject facial fillers including the lip without causing the extensive tissue trauma of injecting filler through a needle.


Initially a small needle is used to poke a small hole in the skin then a blunt tipped microcannula is inserted through the opening left by the needle. This blunt tip allows the device to slide through under the skin with ease resulting in less pain, tissue damage, bruising and swelling


In addition, the use of a microcannula significantly increases the safety of injecting fillers by preventing the accidental injection of filler into a blood vessel which can lead to tissue death and even blindness.

Microcannulas constitute an improved form of the traditional hypodermic needle, designed to eliminate all possible complications associated with sharp tips.

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The blunt tip along with the flexibility of the Microcannula technique provides several advantages over traditional sharp needles:

  • Because it is flexible it means that the device is also more maneuverable
  • A higher maneuverability allows the injector to perform the procedure quickly and painlessly with less injection points
  • The risk of damaging small blood vessels is significantly decreased
  • Less damage to the tissue can be translated into less bruising and swelling
  • They provide a wide coverage and hence, an even and uniform distribution of the dermal filler beneath the skin
  • There are very few and very rare side effects associated with the use of microcannulas

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