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Radiesse® is an injectable product that addresses the root issues of aging skin and loss of elasticity. It works beneath the surface to stimulate collagen production, fostering a more youthful appearance by restoring volume and minimizing lines. As skin matures, its natural rejuvenation processes decelerate, but Radiesse® can help rejuvenate these mechanisms for long-lasting, natural-looking results.

At South Jersey Aesthetics, we’re committed to providing advanced skincare solutions. Serving Cape May Court House, NJ, our services are designed to support the skin’s foundational health and beauty. We offer treatments that are effective and work with your body. We want your experience with us to be exceptional, which is why we will spend time getting to know you, your concerns, and your skin.

What Is Radiesse®?

Radiesse® is an injectable that is known for its unique ability to act as a scaffold under the skin, providing structure and stimulating collagen production. This process continues for several months, which extends the initial effect of Radiesse®. Radiesse® does more than just temporarily fill in facial folds and wrinkles. It can help restore your skin’s elasticity and youthfulness.

What Makes Radiesse® Different From Other Fillers?

Radiesse® treatments are unique because they serve as both a filler and a biostimulator. While traditional fillers only fill wrinkles and folds, Radiesse® goes further by acting as a biostimulator, encouraging your body to produce new collagen. This can help the results of your treatment to last longer, allowing you more time in between appointments.

What Can Radiesse® Treat? 

  • Smile Lines: Radiesse® filler is effective in smoothing away smile lines, delivering a more refreshed and youthful appearance by replenishing lost volume and encouraging collagen production in the skin.
  • Marionette Lines and Nasolabial Folds: By targeting these areas, Radiesse® provides a lifted appearance and softens the severity of marionette lines and nasolabial folds, restoring a more natural contour to the face.
  • Pre-Jowl Folds: Radiesse® can be used to diminish the appearance of pre-jowl folds, subtly enhancing the jawline’s definition and countering the sagging skin that contributes to jowls.
  • Corners of the Mouth: Radiesse® helps uplift the downturned corners of the mouth often associated with aging, helping to prevent the appearance of a frown when your mouth is at rest.
  • Jawline: As a potent biostimulator, Radiesse® not only refines the jawline by restoring volume but also promotes the structural integrity of the skin through natural collagen stimulation.
  • Hands: Radiesse® injections are not just for the face; they can also rejuvenate the hands. By restoring lost volume to the back of the hands, Radiesse® reduces the prominence of tendons and veins, resulting in smoother, younger-looking skin.

Your Radiesse® Treatment

Step 1: Consultation

Dermal filler treatments begin with a personal consultation at South Jersey Aesthetics. During this initial meeting, we discuss your aesthetic goals, evaluate the areas you wish to enhance, and determine if Radiesse® is the right choice for you. This stage is crucial in crafting a treatment plan that aligns with your unique facial structure and skin type. We spend more time with each patient so that we can develop a more customized plan.

Step 2: Injections

Radiesse® treatments are both a precise and artful process. We administer the injections with meticulous attention to detail, making sure that each injection is optimally placed to help achieve the desired effect. Despite the precision, the treatment is still quick, taking 30 minutes or less. We make injections as comfortable as possible, applying topical numbing cream as needed. With each injection, we aim to create a look that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also harmonious with your overall facial features.

Step 3: Aftercare

Following your dermal filler treatment, we provide comprehensive aftercare instructions for the best possible results. This includes advice on managing any minimal swelling or bruising and tips for maintaining your skin’s health. Although there’s no significant downtime, we recommend avoiding strenuous activities for a short period after the treatment to allow your skin to settle and the Radiesse® to integrate seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Radiesse®

How Long Does Radiesse® Last?

Patients can expect the results of Radiesse® filler to last up to a year or even longer in some cases. The duration depends on several factors, including the area treated, individual skin properties, and lifestyle. Regular follow-up treatments can help maintain the rejuvenating effects longer.

How Soon Will I See Results?

One of the appealing aspects of Radiesse® is the immediacy of its results. Patients often observe a noticeable improvement in their treated areas right after their session. While some effects are visible immediately, the full benefits of Radiesse®, including enhanced natural collagen production, unfold over the following weeks, leading to more pronounced and lasting results.

Am I a Good Candidate for Radiesse®?

Individuals looking for a non-surgical solution to address volume loss, wrinkles, and fine lines might find Radiesse® injections to be an ideal option. Ideal candidates are adults who are in good health and have good expectations about the outcomes of the treatment. During your consultation, we assess your medical history, ask about any recent treatments, and examine the condition of your skin to determine if Radiesse® is the most suitable treatment for your aesthetic goals.

Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Appearance With Radiesse®

Discover the benefits of Radiesse® at South Jersey Aesthetics in Cape May Court House, NJ. We focus on providing personalized care tailored to your aesthetic aspirations. Whether you’re interested in Radiesse® or have other skincare goals, feel free to call (609) 846-5115. You can also start the process by completing the contact form on our website.

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