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Do you want to look as young as you feel but aren’t ready to commit to the expense and recovery time of a facelift? If so, you’ll want to learn more about PDO thread lifts. South Jersey Aesthetics in Cape May Court House and Gibbsboro, NJ, offers this revolutionary treatment that addresses age-related issues such as loose and sagging skin without surgery.

What Are PDO Thread Lifts?

A PDO thread lift uses polydioxanone (PDO) threads to “lift” your skin and help you regain the tight, smooth skin of your youth. Instead of removing portions of your skin like a facelift, a thread lift suspends your skin, provides structure, and promotes collagen production. The threads are inserted at a sub-dermal level and run parallel to your skin’s surface, where they offer support and restore volume to your face.

PDO threads absorb within four to six months and do not leave behind scar tissue. There are three types of PDO threads: mono, cog, and screw. Mono threads promote collagen production, and cog threads have a texture that latches into your skin to lift and support your face. Finally, screw threads are made up of intertwined threads that add volume back to your face.


At South Jersey Aesthetics we use Novathreads to perform our PDO thread lifts. Novathreads are needles that are preloaded with PDO threads. The needles are inserted beneath the skin and removed, leaving the thread behind. These high-quality threads are easy to insert, expediting the thread lift process.


Sagging skin may be a normal part of aging, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to fix your loose skin. There are nearly endless reasons why PDO thread lifts are a fantastic choice for patients eager to regain their lifted, tight skin. Some benefits you can expect if you receive this treatment include the following:

  • Immediate results
  • Smooth, tight, youthful skin
  • Fast recovery
  • No scarring
  • Long-lasting
  • No general anesthesia needed
  • Low-risk
  • More affordable than procedures with comparable results
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Consider Combining Treatments

If you’re looking to intensify the effect of your PDO thread lift, adding platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can increase collagen production and help the results of your thread lift last longer. Platelets are an element of blood cells that stimulate growth and help your skin heal from damage. The PRP comes from your own blood after it has been centrifuged and filtered.

When you receive PRP injections along with your lift, the PRP will be injected with the threads and near the treatment site to promote healing. Adding PRP injections to your thread lift is a simple way to make the most of your treatment and restore youthful radiance to your skin. You can also combine other dermal fillers with your lift, and your care provider can advise you on which fillers could benefit you most.

Frequently Asked Questions

PDO thread lifts are straightforward and don’t require the patient to undergo general anesthesia. Typically thread lifts are completed in around 30 to 45 minutes, but every patient has different needs, so the length may vary depending on your specific situation. You can expect your total appointment to take a maximum of two hours, including the time spent preparing for the treatment.

Having PDO threads inserted is a relatively painless process. You will receive a numbing agent to ensure you are comfortable during the treatment, and most patients report minimal discomfort following the lift. Some tenderness or bruising may occur following the treatment, but any adverse side effects should be mild and resolve quickly.

The exact lifespan of the Novathreads can be impacted by factors such as your metabolism, but usually, they will last for four to six months. By the six-month mark, the threads should be completely absorbed through hydrolysis.

Yes, part of what makes a PDO thread lift so effective is that the thread placement and number of threads used can be adjusted to suit your face and goals. Your skin type, texture, and what areas you want to be treated will all play a role in determining the type of threads used, number, and location.

After your treatment, you will notice effects like tightened skin and contouring. As time passes, you will see progressive improvement in the tightness and smoothness of your skin.

Most patients reach the peak of their results around six months post-treatment. By that point, your body has had time to increase its collagen and elastin production, leaving your skin looking supple, firm, and youthful.

Since this treatment isn’t very invasive, there isn’t much you need to do before your appointment. Your care provider will advise you on any specific actions you must take, but there are some general things you can do to get the most out of your lift.

For approximately a week before your appointment, you will want to avoid over-the-counter medications that thin your blood, such as aspirin. One or two days before your treatment, you should stop consuming alcohol, ginko, omega fish oil, and vitamin E supplements. You’ll also want to skip high-intensity workouts and saunas for a few days before your appointment.

Unlike a traditional facelift, PDO thread lifts don’t require a lengthy recovery time or excessive restrictions. Following your lift, you will want to sleep on your back while your treatment is settling to prevent putting excess pressure on your face.

You’ll also want to reschedule any dental appointments for a few months out from your treatment since holding your mouth open for an extended length of time could impact your results. Your care professional will go over any restrictions with you after your treatment and ensure you know how to maximize your treatment results.

Thread lifts can address numerous areas of your face. This therapy is adaptable and perfect for treating aging skin on the neck, underneath the chin, and along the jaw. Facial wrinkles like crow’s feet, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and fine lines between your eyebrows can all be treated using threads.

Cheeks and under eyes are also standard treatment areas. The most common treatment locations are the cheeks, neck, and lower half of the face since time and gravity take a toll on these areas.

If you want to lift and contour your face but don’t want to commit to a facelift, you could be an excellent candidate for a thread lift. Since this treatment is minimally invasive, it is suitable for most individuals.

Eliminate Sagging Skin, No Surgery Necessary 

Every face is unique, so you want your cosmetic treatments to be customizable. PDO thread lifts allow your care provider to tailor the treatment to your needs so you can lift and contour your face without surgery.

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