Needle-less Novelty: A Look Into the Microcannula Technique

If you’ve looked into cosmetic treatment options, odds are botox and dermal fillers have come up. You likely know about the uncomfortability patients face when getting administered filters, and while it’s par for the course, it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. With medical and technological advancements seemingly coming in daily, the microcannula technique is a breakthrough that alleviates patients’ biggest concern with facial treatments. Let’s take a look at how this new technique can benefit you.

What Is the Microcannula Technique?

So what exactly is the microcannula technique? It is a new way of treating your skin without ripping it apart while giving facial filler injections. Hypodermic needles — the sharp needles used to penetrate the skin — would tear up the epidermis and cause pain during and after the procedure. The needle would cut into blood vessels and produce an intense bruising around the area.

With microcannulas, a blunt tip is used that makes the insertion and injection process 20 times easier for patients. The tip pushes blood vessels and nerves away from the site to avoid rupturing while still delivering the desired injection. Even though they are relatively new procedures, microcannula techniques are extremely common with doctors all over and are becoming the standard for facial injections.

Where Can You Use the Microcannula Technique?

The microcannula technique is not only known for its comfort but its lack of side effects and potential risk factors. As such, it’s a procedure that’s branched off into multiple areas. You can also use it for various injections, including under-eye injections for bags and circles, lip fillers, wrinkle reduction, and smile lines. You can even use it for your jawline, hands, and contouring of your eyebrows and forehead.

Advantages of the Microcannula Technique

How else can you benefit from this technique? For such a simple change, the microcannula technique offers many benefits for surgeons and patients alike. Its ability to transcend the industry is unprecedented, and its benefits inclue the following:

  • Easier To Maneuver:
  • Removes Risk Of Damaged Blood Cells
  • Less Bleeding And Swelling
  • Limited Bruising
  • Limited Side Effects
  • Triggers Collagen Production That Helps The Skin
  • Better Results For Your Skin
  • Wide Distribution Range Under the Skin
  • Less Downtime Leading To Faster Procedures

In addition, the microcannula technique is available in multiple sizes and lengths for different skin types. This tool provides your surgeon with the versatility needed to perform the best job possible while also giving you the comfort you’ve always sought.

Is the Microcannula Technique Right for You? Find Out WIth South Jersey Aesthetics

If you’re considering facial treatments, the microcannula technique could be a game-changing alternative that makes your facial work much more comfortable. The only way to get the right treatment for your skin is by going to surgeons who prioritize your skin health. Get wonderful service and learn how this technique works for you when you get in touch with South Jersey Aesthetics, a professional medical spa led by the expert Dr. Daniel Francis. Reach out today for botox or dermal fillers in South Jersey, and discover what the microcannula technique can do for your skin.

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