Sculptra® Results: How Long Does It Last and What to Expect?

At South Jersey Aesthetics, we know that while your body naturally possesses the elements for maintaining facial volume and skin texture, it sometimes requires a little extra help. Sculptra is a solution designed for enhancing facial volume and addressing areas like hip dips, offering a more comprehensive approach to body aesthetics.

At South Jersey Aesthetics we serve Cape May Court House, NJ, and we are dedicated to providing the best aesthetic treatments, including Sculptra, for our patients in South Jersey. For a professional and personalized experience, we combine medical expertise with an empathetic approach to each patient’s situation.

What Is Sculptra?

Sculptra is an aesthetic intervention that can help restore lost volume to many different areas. The solution is made from poly-L-lactic acid, which is biocompatible with your body and can cause a series of reactions that can be beneficial for your aesthetics. Once injected, it can boost your body’s natural processes to invigorate and rejuvenate your lower face, smooth out hip dips, or augment the buttocks.

How Sculptra Works in the Body

Sculptra is a biostimulator that encourages the body to produce more collagen. Collagen is important for keeping skin smooth, elastic, and youthful, but it diminishes over time. When Sculptra is injected, it forms a scaffold under the skin where collagen is gradually replenished. This subtle yet effective process happens over several treatments, each one providing even more benefits for the treatment area.

How Sculptra Is Different From Dermal Fillers

While Sculptra and traditional dermal fillers can both be great treatments, Sculptra’s role as a biostimulator makes it much different. Fillers work right away, but their effectiveness is limited to the amount of time that they are in your body. Sculptra takes several weeks to show results, but these results last far beyond when the product is metabolized.

Where Can Sculptra Be Used? 

Nasolabial Folds

Sculptra treatments offer refreshment for one of the most common areas of concern on the face, the nasolabial folds. Once injected into this area, the product can gradually restore lost volume to smooth away these creases and make your face look years younger.


A Sculptra butt lift is a non-surgical option for enhancing the buttocks. Through collagen stimulation, it adds volume while also shaping the buttocks, creating a more rounded and lifted appearance. This Sculptra BBL (Brazilian butt lift) technique is often used for those who don’t want the risks of surgery and who just want subtle results. 

Hip Dips

A Sculptra hip dips treatment works to smooth out the little indentations that are sometimes located on the sides of the hips. This treatment aids in creating a more uniform and curvaceous silhouette, allowing the hips to fit in more seamlessly with the rest of the body.

Under-Eye Hollows

Under-eye hollows can make you look tired and worn out even after plenty of rest. Sculptra filler can target the hollow areas beneath the eyes, replenishing lost volume and reducing the appearance of tiredness or aging, thus restoring a fresher and more vibrant look to the face.

The Onset of Sculptra Results

Timeline for Initial Visible Changes

Following Sculptra injections, your face will look filled right away. However, this is simply the sterile solution that the PLLA is suspended in. Over the next day or two, this solution will be absorbed, leaving PLLA particles behind. Visible changes can sometimes be seen after a few weeks. However, you are more likely to see results beyond your second and third injections after the product has had time to stimulate more collagen.

Sculptra Results Over a Series of Sessions

Sculptra’s effectiveness is maximized over a series of sessions. Each session builds upon the previous one, enhancing the natural collagen production in the treated areas. Even after your final injections, you should continue seeing improvements for several months. 

Longevity of Sculptra Results

The Average Duration of Sculptra Effects

The effects of a Sculptra butt lift or facial injections can last up to two years, offering long-term improvements. This longevity makes Sculptra a sought-after option for those seeking more enduring results.

Factors That Can Influence Longevity

Several factors can influence the longevity of Sculptra fillers. Patient age and skin condition can have an effect since younger skin with higher elasticity tends to maintain results longer. Lifestyle and environmental factors like diet, sun exposure, and smoking can also impact the duration of effects. The technique and expertise of the injector are crucial in maximizing the longevity of the results, which is why we take such care with every injection. 

Tips for Maximizing and Maintaining Your Results

Follow Your Post-Treatment Care Instructions

Adhering to post-treatment care instructions after Sculptra injections will help you get the best possible results. We may recommend gentle massage of the treated areas, and we may have you avoid certain activities to allow the product to settle in.

Attend All of Your Appointments

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see significant changes after your first appointment. This is part of the process! You should attend all of your Sculptra BBL or facial rejuvenation appointments since each session contributes to the overall enhancement.

Avoid Smoking and Excessive Alcohol

For maintaining the results of your Sculptra treatment, lifestyle choices matter. Reducing smoking and limiting alcohol intake is beneficial for the longevity and effectiveness of the results, as these habits can affect skin health and healing.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Sun protection is an important part of maintaining your Sculptra results. Using sunscreen regularly and avoiding prolonged sun exposure helps preserve the quality of your skin and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Learn More About Sculptra Treatments 

Sculptra offers a unique approach to enhancing natural beauty. At South Jersey Aesthetics, serving Cape May Court House and South Jersey, we are ready to help you achieve a more refreshed appearance or a more well-rounded figure. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please reach out to us at (609) 846-5115 or fill out our online form.

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